Pre-Installation refund policy for Android/Windows

MobiStealth by Infoweise PTY. LTD, 159682550 offers a One Month pre-installation money back guarantee. This guarantee will be applicable in following cases

  1. Customer is unable to install MobiStealth successfully
  2. Customer is unable to gain access of the phone/computer that is to be monitored
Post-Installation refund policy for Android/Windows

MobiStealth offers a 15 days post Installation money back guarantee ( Only for 3 and 12 months subscriptions ). If there is an issue with the functionality of the MobiStealth product on your Phone/Computer then our support staff will work with you to resolve the issue. The customer is required to report the issue within 05 days of installing MobiStealth. If we are unable to resolve the issue reported subsequent to the installation of MobiStealth, then a refund will be issued.

However, the customer bears the responsibility of installation of software on the target Phone/Computer that needs to be monitored. Additionally, in the event a purchase is made under the false assumption that physical access is not needed to install the software on the target/monitored Phone/Computer, Mobistealth is not liable to issue any refund.

Refund Policy for iOS – iPhone & iPad
Refundable Scenarios
  • Customer is unable to gain access to the iPhone/iPad that is to be monitored
  • There is no data available for device
Non-refundable scenarios
  • Customer wanted MobiStealth to monitor multiple devices with only one license
  • Resetting mobile device to original factory settings
  • iCloud is or becomes disabled on the target iOS device at any time
  • Data is deleted on the target device before the next iCloud backup
  • Once the data is fetched and it appeared in dashboard, refund will not be given after that
  • Please be informed that due to third-party applications such as Google Chrome and iOS occasionally publishing updates that may result in temporary suspension of MobiStealth services, it is not possible to guarantee a 100% uptime. In the event of MobiStealth services remaining disrupted for more than 72 hours straight, your license expiry date will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the time the services were unavailable. Affected customers are required to make a written request to for extension of subscription.
  • Please note that Mobistealth for iOS relies on the data backed up on Apple’s iCloud storage for functionality. The data available to you on your dashboard reflects data up to the most recent iCloud backup. owned by TRISTAN ECONOMYCS S.L ,  B66953993 takes pleasure in enacting a wholly customer-centric Refund Policy based on the dictum “Going above and beyond to make customers feel special”. In case, fails to fix a problem under the Incident-based Service Plan, we don’t charge any fee from the customer in question (provided he/she has complied with the terms and conditions mandated in the Plan). 

Even if the customer has been charged, but is not satisfied with the resolution offered, he/she is authorized to seek free technical support from us within 30 days from the day of initially receiving the service. will make use of all commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the problem. However, if that is unsuccessful, we will refund the fees paid against the service.

The money will be returned using the same collection channel, by transfer back to the account used to make the payment. If there are problems using the same payment channel, the customer will be contacted immediately by representatives for additional information required for a bank transfer (Account holder, IBAN, BIC/SWIFT, full address) or Paypal as alternative  (Paypal accounr or Paypal ME). It should be mentioned that in the case of Paypal, the customer will have to pay the full commission fee applied by Paypal for this transfer (between 1-3 € depending on the currency). 

Unless stated in writing otherwise, all fees and charges are nonrefundable. holds the right to modify the pricing of tech support plans, or add new fees or charges to existing ones, by informing the customer in advance. Money paid against purchase of any third party software, or application (along with the corresponding activation-key or product-key) from will be completely non-refundable. 

At the customer’s solemn request, our tech support representatives will make every effort to make sure that the purchased product works in the expected way as claimed by its developer(s) or publisher(s). However, we disclaim from attributing any kind of warranty to the marketed product.


If you want to cancel a transaction, please send a request to within 24 hours after making the payment. The cancellation of the transaction is done exclusively if the service has not been used, the account/license purchased has not been activated. If a license has been activated, refunds will only be accepted in exceptional cases and following an investigation.
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